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Do you struggle to fall asleep? Toss and turn at night? The Night Swannies | Crystal Collection is an all-natural solution that will help you fall asleep and wake up feeling rested. These lenses are formulated to block harmful blue light from your environment and smart devices that’s destroying your sleep. End tossing and turning once and for all!

Phone addiction is one thing, but what if you just work really hard? Who can’t relate to losing sleep now and again? Hopefully, it’s never for long - but 1-in-5 of us suffer from anxiety. One of the main side effects of that anxiety is insomnia.

And one of the key “remedies” for insomnia? Pulling out your phone, or turning on the lights, or watching TV so that you can do something so you can tire yourself out. Hellooooooo, blue light.

Night Swannies | Crystal Collection

➟ BLOCK BLUE LIGHT - Block the bad blue light that harms your eyes and interrupts your circadian rhythm leading to lost sleep, stress and weight gain.

➟ PROTECT YOUR EYES - Anti-Reflective + Anti-Glare lens coating to prevent digital eye strain.

➟ SLEEP BETTER - Do you have trouble sleeping? You sleep better when you wear your Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses.

➟ AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

Innovative lenses filter out blue light on the visible wavelength spectrum that has been proven to disrupt sleep. The lenses allow all other light to be transmitted, leaving you free to watch TV and use electronic devices without negatively affecting your body clock.


The health risks of excessive blue light exposure at night include metabolic disease & diabetes, weight gain & obesity, stress, anxiety and other mental disorders, as well as certain cancers.


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